Digital Marketing Tools for 2022

Digital Marketing Tools for 2022

I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for additional ways to improve my effectiveness. There is always room for improvement and what better way to measure that than through technology? Digital marketing is not a one-person show, and it involves many facets to achieve your goals. 

This includes content ideation, creation, distribution, and reporting, for which we all may need a little help in the form of tools and resources. Thankfully I have found some great tools that help my work more manageable, so I wanted to share these with you. 


It is no surprise that CoSchedule is the first on this list. You can view my post about CoSchedule review here, but overall, it's the best social media content tool I've used for my clients. I can send them a read-only content calendar, along with the assets and copy I made, and they can ping me back via email their revisions if applicable. Other platforms with this feature net for at least $100+ per month, so you're getting a big bang out of your back in CoSchedule!

Try CoSchedule for your freelancing.


I recently discovered this platform, which I'm currently using for my brand. It has a neat dashboard that showcases your account's analytics a message responder feature, and you can also plan your content and distribute it to various channels. You can also create ads within Metricool, but I still prefer doing the ads natively within their platforms. The biggest win for me for Metricool is it also posts to GMB. Yay!

Try Metricool for free.


I don't think I need to further expound on Canva. I can say that it has streamlined most of my creative work and made it easier to work with.

Try Canva for your design work.

Google Workspace

I tried working with Notion, really, but it's just not for me. I just ended up getting nowhere with the dashboard and structure I wanted. So, I reviewed the tools I already have and paying for and decided to work my way into the Google Environment. I'm already in love with GSheets, so I figured... why not PM my life and work and do it on a spreadsheet? And so I did! I have already started with my goals, inventory tracker, and mentorship list. For work, I have a tab for a list of helpful courses I want to try this year and my blog's analytics. I'm just filling up everything and not rushing myself with it.

Try Google Workspace for your team.


I decided to study the heatmap of this blog to see how traffic flows and the readers' behavior. Although I have Google Search Console set up and Google Analytics, it's still another thing to know how my blog visitors come in and do once within the domain. If you're promoting a brand or product with a website, esp. for SaaS or B2B customers, it's insightful to install Hotjar. 

Try Hotjar for your website.


I'm a visual organizer, and while Google Sheets effectively manages my data and trackers, I still need a digital "whiteboard" where I can create mock-ups for my newsletter campaigns or landing pages, brainstorm ideas, create mood boards, and visualize marketing strategies. Trello is expensive and limited, while Canva is fixed with its art space that only follows a set size or templates. And that's when I discovered Figma and I never looked back! There are so many features even if you're just in the free tier, and the templates within the community are helpful. 

Visualize your marketing with Figma.


I have to admit, there were sometimes slip-ups at work where I would submit a calendar for review and punctuation is out of place, or I jumbled letters and misplaced some words. Grammarly acts as my quality control portal. I write in Google Docs and run through it with Grammarly before submission or publilshing. It made my articles and copy error-free.

Try Grammarly for your writing.

I use other platforms, websites, and software for my whole digital marketing workflow, but the bulk of my work is within these apps.

Hopefully, you found a new tool today and learned something new. Let me know if you tried one in the comments below!



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