Google Workspace Is Becoming the Best Organizer I've Ever Used

Google Workspace Is Becoming the Best Organizer I've Ever Used


I'm always trying to do more with less and make the most of my time.

I'm constantly trying new tools and applications to get my work done faster and better - and overall, Google Workspace has helped me out with this. 

Google Workspace is a suite of software tools including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Calendar. Its services are free, and you can quickly sign up for your own Google account. However, if you need a more feature-packed version, you can opt for the paid version, the Google Workspace. There are different pricing plans for different business needs. I registered for myself and started with the Business Starter plan using this blog's branding. I have been using Google Workspace for the past few months in my work as a Digital Marketer, and I've found it to be helpful in several ways.

Here are a few ways that it's helped me be more efficient:


My email inbox acts as a digital dashboard of all the tasks I need to do for personal and medical appointments, projects, and full-time work. I organize everything by labels and keep it at a zero-sum game. 

I feel more "refreshed" when I don't have unread emails. The key is I constantly archive read mails and completed tasks. I do this every day before I log off.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the best things that Google has ever come up with. Not only does it help you organize your personal life, but it helps you manage time in the workplace. Whether you're promoting an event or scheduling a meeting, Google Calendar can be used to make sure participants have access to the correct information at the right time.

I also use Google Calendar for time-blocking, subscription reminders, and other appointments. And because I'm on a Workspace account, I have a scheduling or booking feature that I can send to my mentees. They can choose which available slots I have when they meet with me.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a stellar spreadsheet tool. Having formulas, templates, and collaborating with other people on spreadsheets has made it much easier to keep track of our KPIs, expenses, financials, and projects.

If you've been a reader for a while, you know that I use it to track my digital marketing work, like my Social Media Calendar Template and Campaigns Monitoring Template. 

Lately, I have explored making my to-do lists and daily schedule on Google Sheets and even use it to keep track of my goals, plans, and even lists of books I want to read. Everything is color-coded and well organized. 

Google Docs

It's convenient for me to have all my articles, outlines, and other documents online to work on the go. I switch between devices, and having that accessibility makes my workflow easier.

Google Docs also makes it easy for my team and me to create documents in bulk or share them in real-time. I like that I can see their comments and edits as they're making them and that everything is saved automatically.

Google Forms 

Google Forms makes it easy for me to collect all sorts of data from my potential project collaborators and mentees if given time. Whether it's feedback on an initiative we're working on, customer feedback, or information about their preferred topic to discuss. It's convenient because it's so easy to use, plus it saves all the responses in one place as a Spreadsheet.

Google Tasks

Google Tasks is bare and straightforward compared to the other task platforms available in the market. I'm still trying to make it work, but I love integrating the tasks into my Google Calendar.

All in all, Google Workspace is a great product. It has helped me stay organized as my career and goals grow and become more demanding. The platform is relatively easy to learn and get accustomed to, its interface makes it easy to use, and its design is intuitive enough to use the app without any training at all. And because the tool does so much—tasks, projects, teams, sheets, goals—it's versatile enough for almost every industry. It just takes a little bit of time to figure out how to utilize the power of this platform best.


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